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There's help for breastfeeding

5 Signs Baby Isn’t Breastfeeding Properly and What You Can Do

Solutions for Common Breastfeeding Woes Breastfeeding is a beautiful way for mothers to bond with their babies and give them ...
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Get relief from breastfeeding pain

Is It Possible to Breastfeed Without All the Pain?

Your baby’s lip-tie or tongue-tie could be to blame. If you’re a new parent, you likely love all the cuddles ...
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Guide to healthy teeth for baby-to-be

Mom’s Guide to Healthy Teeth for the Baby-To-Be

Baby is on the way—and it’s exciting for everyone. It’s time for throwing baby showers and gender reveal parties. It’s ...
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Tips for taking care of baby's oral health

8 Tips for Promoting Good Oral Health from Babyhood

How to Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Smile Every parent wants their child to have a healthy, beautiful smile ...
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Healthy snacks that prevent cavities

5 Tasty Snacks That Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Healthy Snacks to Keep Kids’ Teeth Cavity-Free Providing a healthy diet loaded with a variety of nutritious foods is just ...
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How To Instill Good Handwashing Habits in Your Kids

Get Your Child Excited About Handwashing With a big, exciting world full of places to explore and things to touch, ...
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Give your kids a balanced diet

A Guide to Treating Your Toddlers to a Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet Guidelines for Toddlers Feeding toddlers can be quite a tricky business. Between the ages of one and three, ...
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5 Tips for Helping Your Preteen Cope With Stress

Preteen stress? Here are some actionable tips to help your child through it. First off, there’s nothing wrong with your ...
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5 Ways Your Dentist Boosts Your Kid’s Oral Health

Why Kids’ Oral Health Is So Important Your kid’s oral health is far more critical than you might realize. Unfortunately, ...
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Top Foods for Strong, Healthy Teeth

You are what you eat. During adulthood, the saying is absolutely true. The older we get, the less flexibility we ...
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