6 Fun Activities To Try With Your Kids This Holiday Season in Vancouver

Fun holiday activities for kids

It’s holiday time, which means time for family.

During the holidays, many of us try to spend as much time as possible with our families. While some families have yearly traditions, like decorating a tree, lighting a menorah, or cooking special meals, you and your family might be looking for other options for holiday fun to do in and around Vancouver, Washington.

1. Check out a seasonal book or movie.

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by renting a holiday-themed movie or checking out a holiday-themed book? The Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries are the perfect stops to find something to read or to rent a family-friendly movie for a night in. The library’s collections manager has a list of holiday reading material listed here, which is a good start, but if you and your family are looking for a specific recommendation, any librarians will be able to assist you. Looking for suggestions? Look into learning how other cultures celebrate the holidays, including foods they eat, how they decorate, and what each culture’s version of Santa Claus is called.

2. Learn about textiles.

The Washougal Mill, where wool fabrics are woven into clothing and blankets, has been around since 1912. The mill offers tours where visitors can learn about the entire process, from start to finish, on how a blanket is made. Observe everything from the dye house to how weaving looms are operated; watch the yarn get spun into spools and how the sewers work in the sewing room. After you’ve taken the tour, you can always take a gander around the shop and pick up a holiday gift or two.

3. Go with the grain.

The Cedar Creek Grist Mill is a working grain-grinding mill and museum that is registered as a national historic site. The Cedar Creek Grist Mill was built in 1876 and is the only mill in Washington state that has maintained its original structure. 

The mill still grinds with stones that are hydropowered, or powered by water, to this day. There is also a covered bridge adjacent to the mill, making for a beautiful photo site. Spend a few hours seeing how the mill worked back in the day. Volunteers run the tour and operate the mill just as it was built—with no electricity.

4. Explore Vancouver, Washington.

Do you like scavenger hunts? Check out Visit Vancouver, Washington’s Find Your Couve. Visit the website and download a pass that lists nine different historical places to visit in and around the Vancouver area. Most of the destinations on the scavenger hunt can be walked to, with the exception of Vancouver Lake. So grab the family, grab a camera, start exploring, and take photos of all of the sites you visit on the Couve scavenger hunt!

5. Light up the night.

Who doesn’t love a good holiday light display? But how does a holiday light display of ships on the water sound? During the holiday season, be sure to check out the Christmas Ships Parade on the Columbia River. Throughout December, ships that are decked out in holiday lights float around the Vancouver Waterfront for all to see and enjoy. You can see the ships from the Waterfront Renaissance Trail, or you can make a reservation at one of the restaurants on the waterfront for another amazing experience. Check the website for dates, times, and parade routes.

6. Ride the rails.

Railroads and trains have a rich history in shaping the United States, and the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad is one of those. Home to a 1941 engine, the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad offers Santa trains during December for families to celebrate the holidays. The ride includes views of the Lewis River, and during the Santa rides, the big man in red himself will deliver a gift for each child. At the end of the train ride, enjoy warm cider or hot cocoa or coffee at Moulton Station.

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