8 Activities to Keep the Kids Busy on Summer Break


Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry’s List of Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Several months of school-less days are fast approaching and soon “activities to keep the kids busy” (or some variation of that sentence) will be at the top of many parents’ search history. So in anticipation of the “Mom and Dad, I’m bored” outcries from our favorite patients, your kids, Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry has put together a list of 8 activities to keep your children busy during summer break.


Ah, the great outdoors, a place for our kids to enjoy the fresh air and soak in some sun. Where unstructured play is encouraged, nay, expected and imagination celebrated. By letting our kids play outside, we help foster a healthy attitude toward maintaining an active lifestyle, which (we hope) will continue into adulthood. To start you off, try these three ideas.

Bubble Paint Project

Ready for some bubbly fun? With tempera paint, straws, small containers, dish soap, white paper, and of course water, your kids can start making beautiful bubbly prints. Check out this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Play With Sidewalk Chalk

Hand your kids a box of sidewalk chalk and watch them turn your driveway and sidewalk into a canvas for their drawings. You can even mix cornstarch, soap, and paint; put it in a spray bottle; and let your kids run wild spritzing the contents on your outdoor concrete space.

Create an Outdoor Science Lab

No one said playing and learning have to be two separate things. Create a science lab in your backyard and let your kids engage their hands and minds. You can make slime, try the elephant toothpaste experiment, or even make a mini marshmallow launcher. The best part? There’s little to no cleanup to do afterward because the ground will soak up most of the mess.

In the Kitchen

For those days you just want to stay in and cook something up, Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry has some great kitchen activities you can try with your kids on summer break.

Salad Spinner Art

Now here’s something to entertain kids of all ages. All you need is a salad spinner, liquid watercolors, coffee filters, and cardstock paint. Depending on the age of your kids, they may not need much supervision with this tutorial. Feel free to also share your creations with us through our Facebook page.

Make Fresh Fruit Salad Pops

Popsicles are usually a great hit with kids during summer break. With this activity, your children can make their own tooth-friendly alternative to the store-bought pops. Try to involve your children in the process from the beginning. Let them pick the fruits, and if they’re old enough, they can even cut and stuff the slices into the pop molds. Allow the molds to sit in the freezer overnight and you’ll have a delicious cool summer treat the next day.

In Their Bedroom

Want to raise confident and satisfied adults? Allow your child some time to play alone. Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry doesn’t advocate for parents to leave their kids unsupervised for long periods. But children who learn to play by themselves learn to have fun on their own, and they’ll (we hope) stop counting on others for happiness or entertainment. Here are a few activities your child can do in their bedroom.

Make a Mancala Board Game

Making a mancala board game ticks all the boxes for indoor play: it’s easy to set up, a breeze to learn, and requires no clean up afterward. Provide your child with an egg carton to act as a board as well as some jelly beans. Here’s a nice visual demonstration on how to play mancala to help your child get started.

Decorate an Old T-shirt

Let your child decorate an old T-shirt to stretch their imagination and creativity. The time they spend alone with permanent markers working on their art gives them a chance to exercise their creative side. You may have already seen glimpses of their imagination in the bubble paint project and salad spinner art, but you’ll be even more amazed at what they come up with when they’re alone.

As a Family

Parents, just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we can’t join in on the summer fun. Take time away from the hectic demands of work and relax as you bond with your children. As a family you can:

Throw a Dance Party

Crank up your favorite tunes and start jiving to the beat. Want to turn things up a notch? Great. Learn a popular family dance routine on TikTok. Even if you aren’t a good dancer, the kids will have a wonderful time trying to teach you.

Keep your little ones busy this summer!

That marks the end of our list of 8 activities to keep the kids busy on summer break. If you notice any dental issues with your child, schedule an appointment with us. Through our cutting-edge dental technology, board-certified pediatric dentists, friendly team, and a fun atmosphere, your little one will receive the care and coaching they need for the best oral health. Until then, the team at Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry hopes you enjoy a great summer with your kids.